Rank Certification

The Kom Do Kwan™ offers Dan Certification for new members that join organization (recognition of current rank) and for existing members who are promoted in the organization.

Recognition of Current Rank

The Kom Do Kwan™ will recognize and accept rank transfer from reputable schools and martial arts organizations.  To apply for rank recognition, applicants should send an e-mail to dancertification@komdokwan.com with the following information:

  1. A brief summary of the applicant's martial arts experience, (schools attended and/or taught at).
  2. Dates of rank from 1st Dan to current rank.
  3. Date the applicant began training.
  4. A list of martial arts references.

Dan Promotions

Per the Kom Do Kwan Charter Dan Candidates must be tested by a board consisting of two black belt members.  The senior member of the board must be at least two dan level above the candidates testing. 

Time in Grade Required for Dan Rank

Rank Time in Grade Total Time Training

1st Dan

3 years

3 years

2nd Dan

2 years

5 years

3rd Dan

3 years

8 years

4th Dan

4 years

12 years

5th Dan

5 years

17 years

6th Dan

6 years

23 years

7th Dan

7 years

30 years

8th Dan

8 years

38 years

9th Dan

9 years

47 years

* The promotion board may waive time grade requirements if the candidate meets the Total Training Training requirements and circumstances warrant such a promotion.


Contact Us

If you would like more information please contact us at (512) 333-2460 or email info@komdokwan.com.